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10 benefits of avocado

Avocado has become the favourite choice of dieticians when it comes to achieving a 100% healthy body. Not only is it incredibly nutritious, it is also very tasty. Despite its small size, avocado is packed full of goodness and benefits our health enormously.

Read this article and discover some of the benefits this fruit has to offer and make sure to include it in your diet:

  1. Suitable when dieting; many people claim that this fruit is “full of calories”, but that’s not true. The avocado contains harmless fatty acids, and it is ideally suited for a varied and healthy diet. Our body uses these types of fatty acids as combustion energy, i.e. it does not store them as body fat, but rather uses them to supply our body with adequate energy when exercising.
  2. It keeps hunger at bay; the high amount of vegetable fats found in avocado keeps us feeling fuller for longer and due to its high fibre content, the breakdown of carbohydrates is slowed down considerably. In addition, the large amount of oleic acid it contains activates the areas of the brain that make us feel “contented”. For this reason, eating avocado is recommended as a way to control appetite. It should be used in moderation however if overweight.
  3. Good for your eyesight; this fruit contains two chemicals, known as lutein and zeaxanthin. These act as an antioxidant and help prevent age-related vision loss and maintain the eyes’ natural moisture.
  4. Beneficial for your hair, thanks to its vitamin B, C and D content and its natural oil, similar to olive oil, which is used for cosmetic purposes, avocado also helps prevent the appearance of dandruff. Furthermore, because of its high content of vitamins and oils, avocado also helps bring dry, dull hair back to life.
  5. Although, not usually considered a food beneficial to the skin , a good avocado mask helps prevent premature aging, increasing the collagen levels and thus ensuring a nourished and radiant complexion.
  6. Boosts the immune system: Rich in nutrients and antioxidants which not only strengthen the immune system, but also keep vital organs healthy. Moreover, avocado is a great source of vitamin E. This vitamin protects and defends your body against all types of illness.
  7. Good for cholesterol levels: Patients who suffer from low or high cholesterol can benefit from the properties afforded by avocado to reduce their LDL (bad cholesterol) levels and raise their HDL (good cholesterol) levels. Avocado is low in saturated fat and does not contain sodium. Plus, it’s got more potassium than a banana.
  8. Rich in fiber: Avocado contains a high amount of fibre, excellent for helping to get rid of toxins naturally as well as preventing their build-up in the body. That’s why it is so important to include fibre in your diet to lose weight.
  9. A substitute: it is perfect to use as a substitute for butter and mayonnaise, thanks to its creamy consistency. There are many people in Mallorca who use it in “pa amb oli” as a substitute for cluster tomatoes. Avocado can also be combined with many other foods such as: fresh cheese, basil, lettuce and all kinds of leafy greens, salmon, to name but a few. As strange as it may seem, this fruit is not sweet, which means it complements many dishes perfectly, whether they are sweet or savoury.
  10. Highly nutritious: The avocado contains a wide variety of essential nutrients, among which more than twenty vitamins and minerals can be found. Additionally, eating avocado helps improve the absorption of a few of these nutrients. It is also very versatile and is used in all types of dishes to give added texture and enhance flavour. It can be combined with other foods, added to salads, served on toast and don’t forget guacamole, which is possibly the most popular way to use avocados.

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