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10 Tips to disconnect on vacation

Every year, we look forward to those days of relax to disconnect from the responsibilities we have and the daily routine, to enjoy a few days outdoors and everything we cannot do throughout the year.

However, when vacations arrive we are not able to disconnect from work at all, and we remain aware of all those responsibilities that do not allow us to rest.

Why is it important to disconnect? Working means giving up daily, and to be able to do so it is essential to be able to disconnect fully when you are not working. Holidays mean not only a rest on a physical level, but also a mental rest. It means forgetting everything that causes us stress. That is why it is essential to take a few days off and disconnect to keep productivity at work around.

From Samsara we give you a series of tips to achieve the main objective: DISCONNECT.

  1. No one is essential. The first thing you have to do to disconnect is to be aware that nobody depends on you and that you are not essential.
  2. Resolve the most important issues. Before going on vacation, try to leave everything well finished, as this will help you disconnect more easily.
  3. Inform that you will be disconnected. There is nothing so urgent that someone other than you cannot resolve, so before going on vacation, inform your co-workers that you will not be contactable during those days.
  4. Doses the use of the computer and mobile. It may be the most complicated to comply with, but close the email and use your mobile phone as little as possible, since this implies receiving calls and messages and will prevent you from completely disconnecting.
  5. Enjoy yours. Collect happy moments and not selfies, put the phone aside.
  6. No schedules. The rush and running everywhere is over. Changing the pace is important to disconnect. Throughout the year we wake up early, we go to sleep late, we follow a routine, we go accelerated… but the holidays are the ideal time to slow down and leave the rush out.
  7. Change the routine. During the holidays you should take the opportunity to do what you don’t usually do. Spend more time doing everything you like and that, however, you don’t have time to do throughout the year.
  8. Take care of the food. Do not change eating habits, but give yourself some gastronomic pleasures from time to time to remind yourself that you are on vacation.
  9. Sleep more hours than usual. Forget about the alarm and the schedules, take the opportunity to sleep at least eight hours a day and enjoy long naps.
  10. Avoid work conversations. Remember that you are on vacation, take the opportunity to enjoy other conversations that do not make you think about your work.

In short, vacation time can be a boost for our lives. It strengthens us, we take care of ourselves and restart physically and mentally. The holiday period is made to enjoy, without fear of wasting time, relaxing and enjoying the company of others.






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