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5 hiking trails to explore Mallorca

Mallorca is an ideal island for hiking, which will allow you to discover numerous places of unparalleled beauty. Plus, as we explained in our earlier article, walking at a brisk pace helps us lose weight as well as being very beneficial to our health.

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There are therefore plenty of reasons to take a day trip during your next Samsara Healthy Holidays, if not only to marvel at the beauty of Mallorca while getting some exercise. To dispense with any possible excuses, 😉 we’ve outlined some fantastic routes commencing from the north of the island:



Our first recommendation is a trip to the Área Natural del Cap del Pinar. Starting in Alcúdia, we head towards Bonaire along the Mal Pas path. We then follow Camino de la Victoria past l’Illot. We keep walking until we reach La Victoria hermitage. Once at the top of the mountain, you can admire the magnificent panoramic views over Pollença bay and Formentor headland, and on some days you can even see Menorca.
The walk can be continued to Talaia de Alcùdia, where there is a stately home used as a refuge.


S’Albufera in Mallorca is the largest wetland area in the Balearic Islands. A natural reserve worth visiting given its wealth of flora and fauna.
Entry is via Puente de los Ingleses and you need to apply for permission to gain access. You will find more information about this nature reserve on the website supplied, as well as information on the various walking trails you can follow through its extensive 1,600 hectares.


If you are interested in learning about the history and origin of Alcúdia, we recommend that you visit the remains of the Roman city of Pollentia, which lies next to the city walls. There is an itinerary which starts at the entrance, located in La Portella, and from there you can visit, among many other places, Casa de los Dos Tesoros (House of the Two Treasures), Calle de la Cabeza de Bronce (Bronze Head Street), the Forum ruins and the Pollentia monographic museum.


Puig de Sant Martí is the mountain located just southwest of Alcúdia city. Enjoy the most breath-taking views from the top over the bays of Alcúdia and Pollença and, on the other side of the mountain, an impressive panorama of Pla de Mallorca and S’Albufera.
Right at the foot of the mountain is the natural cave of Sant Martí, which was once used as a sanctuary by the first Christians who gathered there clandestinely. Inside this cave there are two Gothic chapels from medieval times, each with an altar and images of Saints Martí and Jordi.


This outing allows you to explore yet another natural wonder found not far from our Garden Holiday Village , Playa del Coll Baix Beach. The trail begins at Puerta de Mallorca, along Calle de la Cruz and Calle del Molinot, crossing Carretera de Xara and heading in the direction of Calle Jaime II. Then, we follow the path that leads to the S’Aloy trail to then descend on the mountain track.
The route passes through enclosed fields and pine groves, ending in a climb up to Coll Baix, where the refuge is located. From this point it is possible to access the beach, which can only be reached on foot, by walking for approximately 30 minutes.

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