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Guide for looking after yourself in summer – 5 tips.

Summer is the season where we spend most of our time outdoors.  Our schedules, our food, our habits, including our free time, differ from the rest of the year.   That’s why we must pay special attention to our health.

Even though we are living in an idyllic state of rest and relaxation, we should include small, healthy habits in our routine to maintain vitality and energy so that we can enjoy the summer fully.

These are the 5 things which you should do every day this summer:

  1. Drink plenty of liquid.

The high temperatures of the summer season increase our body temperature.  Being exposed to the heat for long periods of time can result in serious consequences such as heatstroke and fainting.   As well as taking proper precautions to avoid the hottest spots, it is essential to drink plenty of liquid.   Take advantage of the season’s fruit to drink fruit juice with its high-water content or to make delicious fruit “smoothies” in all their different varieties.


Use sun cream against UVA and UVB rays, always with a minimum protection factor of 30.  If you are thinking of spending the day in the swimming pool or in the sea, remember that there are water resistant sun protection creams.  Remember to apply the cream 20-30 minutes before being exposed to the sun and to repeat the process every two hours.   It is also important to have good hydration for the skin, especially on the hottest days.  This will make our skin look much smoother and brighter throughout the day.

  1. On hot days change how you prepare food.

During the hot summer days, it is normal that many the foods which we have in our cupboards or which are left uncovered may start to look or smell bad. Fresh food such as fish, eggs or meat should not be left in an ambient temperature, but kept in a cool and dark place, such a fridge.  When cooking these foods, it is recommended to cook them at more than 70ºC to kill any bugs.   Remember too that fruit and vegetables must be washed well, as in summer there are more insects than usual, which can contaminate food.

  1. Protect your eyes.

Sunglasses with protection against UV rays are the best investment you can make in the summertime.   Our eyes are equally as important as the rest of our body and we mustn’t forget to take care of them.  Not only must we concern ourselves with the sun’s rays – it is as important to be conscious that the chlorine in swimming pools and the dryness caused by air conditioning can also be equally damaging.

  1. Sleep well

In summer one of the principle problems is at the end of the day, when you are thinking about going to sleep.   The heat is often unbearable and doesn’t let us rest properly.   Tiredness due to not being able to sleep is one of the major causes of fatigue and physical weakness, which means you will end up dragging yourself through the day.

One of the solutions is to be in a well-ventilated place, eat a light supper or follow any of the tips from this article.   It is important not to confuse a ventilated space with having the air conditioning running all night, as this can cause us to catch colds from the huge changes in temperature.

Summer is for enjoying, and even more so if we go on holiday.  At Samsara not only do we give advice, but our highly experienced professionals apply their knowledge to taking care of you.  If you still don’t know about our facilities or the services we offer, find out more from our web site.

If you think you live a healthy life, take our test and find out what habits keep you healthy, or what can make you even healthier.

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