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Dancing, the fun way to stay in shape

There are so many different ways to stay fit. But, if you don’t like going to the gym, or running isn’t your thing, and you’re looking for a healthy, fun, easy activity, we have the perfect exercise for you. Dancing! It’s great for keeping fit and losing weight. Besides, dancing is not only a healthy and fun activity, it is one of the most complete exercises there is for shaping your figure. So now that you know, put on your dancing shoes and let’s dance!

Don’t worry if you’re not a professional dancer. The best thing about dancing is that regardless of your age or how good you are, you can still enjoy the music and a day of aerobic exercise.  That’s why dancing is one of the best exercises for keeping fit and losing weight without even realising.

Additionally, there is a huge variety of musical styles to choose from. Are you more into traditional dances or do you prefer to give your all on the dance floor to modern beats? No matter what kind of dancing you like, there is a perfect dance for you. Zumba, tango, flamenco, hip hop… there are countless genres that will help you exercise your whole body and stay in shape.


Benefits of dancing

Dancing is very beneficial to your body and mind. Through dancing you improve your body posture, tone your entire body and improve your coordination. Furthermore, when you dance you acquire greater physical flexibility, as most dances require muscles to stretch and extend.

As you dance you exercise different muscles. Repeating these movements allows you to increase muscle strength and endurance. In other words, you will be able to exercise for longer periods without tiring.

One of the great benefits of dancing is that you burn calories without realizing it. Doing half an hour of dancing can burn between 200 and 400 calories, much more than running or swimming. It’s also something you can do in a group. And exercising with other people helps not only your social relationships, but also your emotional well-being.

And, finally, albeit one of the most important. Dancing reduces stress, because when you move to the rhythm of the music, you increase endorphin production, which causes a deep sense of well-being.

Doing exercise to music is much more enjoyable and fun. Bring some rhythm into your life and start moving your bones! It’s time to start dancing!


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