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Do I need to switch off? 8 advantages of having a healthy holiday

There are times when you feel completely overwhelmed by the stress of everyday living and this eventually creates an imbalance between body and mind. If you can relate to this statement, now is the time to think about taking a break. But not just any regular getaway, where you’ll end up running around all day, doing all kinds of different things and (yet again) living life at a frantic pace. Take a proper holiday, a real one, and disconnect from the world so you can reconnect with yourself, a healthy holiday.

We recommend a wellness retreat, as it not only encourages you to keep on with (or begin) your diet but also combine it with different activities to improve your overall wellbeing such as: exercise, massages, meditation, yoga, nutritional coaching… It doesn’t sound too bad at all, does it? Well, just wait until you hear about the advantages, and then you can decide:

  1. No organisation required: The only things you will have to think about are the basic functions of day-to-day life. This is because we at Samsara Healthy Holidays provide you with a complete program of activities so that you don’t have to worry about arranging or organising anything.
  2. Healthy eating: Enjoy healthy and delicious food, based on the Mediterranean diet, which will nurture your body from the inside out. This helps to reduce anxiety provoked by the stress of everyday life and puts you on the right healthy path to losing weight.
  3. Long-term benefits: The time you spend at a wellness retreat not only helps you to switch off and unwind, it also helps improve your metabolism and gives you a feeling of lasting inner peace, while helping you develop a healthier lifestyle.
  4. Natural surroundings: Just being in close contact with nature, a stone’s throw from Playa de Muro beach, helps to reduce cortisol production, which is the hormone responsible for stress. Plus, you get to breathe fresh, clean air and escape from the noise and pollution of the city.
  5. Less expensive: They tend to be cheaper than conventional holidays. Also, considering the benefits you gain from the experience, the quality-price ratio is in fact more than reasonable.
  6. People with common goals: You will meet new people who have the same concerns as you, and with whom you will share unforgettable experiences. This will help you feel more at ease during your stay, as you will not be on your own.
  7. Professional help: You will be surrounded and supported by a team of experts who will provide you with the tools and techniques you need to feel good both within yourself, and about yourself.
  8. Find inner peace: During the retreat you will learn how to reach a state of total relaxation thanks to a variety of activities such as meditation, which will help you keep stress levels at bay both during and after the retreat.

All these advantages, as well as many others, make going to a wellness retreat a truly unique gift. A gift from you, to you, because you deserve to have a holiday that allows you to reconnect with yourself, free yourself of obligations, breathe fresh air, enjoy a healthy diet, rest and relax. Don’t put it off until tomorrow, start taking care of yourself today! We’ll be expecting you!


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