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Seasonal products: properties and benefits

Summer is coming and with it comes new flavours in the kitchen! We open our doors to welcome the new seasonal products. As we know, nowadays you can consume any product, practically all year round. And although they are available, it’s better to consume them in their natural harvest as it’s less artificial. If you […]

Bulgur Properties

Food is key to a healthy lifestyle. We know sometimes it is difficult to achieve varied eating habits without getting tired of finding new meals. That is why today we want to talk to you about Bulgur, one of the most used cereals in the Middle East and African cuisine. Bulgur is a great food […]

10 Tips to disconnect on vacation

Every year, we look forward to those days of relax to disconnect from the responsibilities we have and the daily routine, to enjoy a few days outdoors and everything we cannot do throughout the year. However, when vacations arrive we are not able to disconnect from work at all, and we remain aware of all […]

What is Realfood? Realfooding recipes

It might be possible that in the latest months you have seen it on social media or even might heard people talking about it, but what exactly is realfooding ? Have your heard about Realfooding? What exactly is realfood? It is not a diet, it is a very successful becoming movement whose goal is to […]

Recipes with bulgur

After the summer excess eating, we all want to go back to our good habits by eating healthy and doing sports. In the post from a few weeks back we talked about bulgur, its properties and benefits. Bulgur is a food made from wheat and is very important for maintaining a balanced diet. It is […]

How sport benefits your brain

Did you know that physical exercise protects your brain as well as providing a stimulator for learning and memory? It has been proven that the benefits of doing sport don’t only affect our physical form but also help to reduce the risk of diseases, as well as having great benefits for our brain neurons. For […]

Mindfulness for beginners

We’re sure you’ve heard people talking about mindfulness in recent years. It’s a trend which is spreading fast and today we’re going to tell you the basic principles to help you start your journey to mindfulness. Mindfulness is seen as a philosophy of life that implies full attention and awareness of your surroundings. The practice […]

Best advices for a flat stomach

Daily life habits have a huge influence on different aspects of our body, inside and outside, more than we can think. That is why having have a flat stomach is not an easy task. You can do thousands and thousands of crunches, planks, obliques or isometric exercises without getting rid of the fat around your […]