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El Senderimo como estilo de vida

Las vacaciones en la playa son muy bonitas, pero combinar tus vacaciones con varias actividades y excursiones mientras practicas ejercicio y conoces la isla, no tiene precio. Mallorca es un lugar ideal donde practicar deportes al aire libre, pero en este post queremos centrarnos en el Senderismo, una de las actividades recomendadas desde Samsara Healthy […]

Increase your energy with these foods

Summer is the time of year when we consume more energy than normal.   Whether this is because of the heat, or because we are more active than usual, our body notices a change in our activity levels that makes us want to eat and drink more.  Despite it being fashionable to maintain a light and […]

The benefits of Aquagym

Samsara Healthy Holidays seriously recommends a lifestyle in which you can quietly combine a good diet, doing sports and continuing with your daily routine.   The summer holidays are also the time of the year when you can try new sports or new forms of exercise like Agua gym. Agua gym is an in-water type sport […]

5 exercises to tone up your buttocks

You’ve been keeping fit all year round to stay in shape, doing sports and looking after yourself.  Living a healthy life is important, but you should vary your diet and the exercises that you do, so as not to get tired and bored with always eating the same food and doing the same exercises. Today […]

Coffee and a healthy diet, are they compatible?

I’m sure you’ve often wondered if you can drink coffee when you’re on a diet, whether it’s healthy, if it aids weight loss, or even how much coffee you should drink per day. Today we are going to clear up all these uncertainties and tell you if you can continue to enjoy your dose of […]

Dancing, the fun way to stay in shape

There are so many different ways to stay fit. But, if you don’t like going to the gym, or running isn’t your thing, and you’re looking for a healthy, fun, easy activity, we have the perfect exercise for you. Dancing! It’s great for keeping fit and losing weight. Besides, dancing is not only a healthy […]