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How to fall asleep in summer with 8 simple steps

Do you have trouble to fall asleep in summer? It’s not surprising as the optimal temperature to fall asleep is between 18ºC and 22ºC. However, in summer it’s usually a lot warmer than that and especially if you live in Majorca. Managing to sleep in summer can sometimes feel impossible. When you finally do fall […]

5 ideal foods to snack between meals

There are a lot of things to remember when leading a healthy lifestyle: eat five meals a day, drink a lot of water, eat enough fruit and vegetables, avoid ultra-processed foods… Even those who are trying to live a healthy lifestyle, sometimes fancy a tasty snack every now and then! Snacking between meals is not […]

Plant-based milk or traditional milk: Which is healthier?

Most of us are used to eating dairy products on a regular basis, including cheese, cream and milk. But strangely enough, humans are the only mammals who continue drinking milk after childhood, despite it not being totally necessary in our diet. Here come the questions… Is it healthy to consume cow’s milk? What about the […]

The health Benefits of tea

Today we talk about a popular hot drink which we all know and love. But are you aware of all the health benefits? It’s a millenary drink originating from China and became popular in countries like India and the UK and later all over the world. Now it’s one of the most consumed drinks and […]

How Swimming can improve body and mind

Did you know that swimming is one of the most beneficial activities that exists? In this article we will encourage you to incorporate swimming in your weekly exercise routine. Swimming is one of the most complete sport activities. In addition to being relaxing, it brings infinite benefits to our body and mind. These are the […]

Do you want to join the running trend?

Are you still having second thoughts about putting on your running shoes and hitting the road? That might be because you don’t know the benefits of running and how they can impact your body and mind in a positive way. Test yourself and and go for a run at the Serra de Tramuntana or enjoy […]