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The benefits of rope skipping

To go out running or cycling to practice sports is fashionable, but in this post we are going to recommend an exercise equally simple, and maybe even more comprehensive. Of course, you will have seen great sportsmen like Mohamed Ali or Bruce Lee, even famous people like Katy Perry or Madonna skipping with a rope (called jump rope in America). And it’s not just coincidence, because skipping with a rope is a great exercise for staying in shape. Here are some reasons:

1. Fat burning: Even though it sounds farfetched, rope skipping burns more calories than running. This is one of the most sought-after motives for people who start practicing this exercise. Every minute that we skip (jump) with a rope burns some 13 calories, so if you dedicate 10 minutes a day to skipping you will burn off 130 calories. And with time you can increase the duration of your sessions reaching up to 45 minutes.

2. Improves Agility: Skipping improves your body’s reaction time and balance. This exercise will give you extra coordination as you increase your sessions. To improve this aspect you can try many types of different jumps. Keep in mind that few exercises will allow you to improve your coordination and agility in such an efficient way.

3. Activates your brain: Any exercise or sport you practice is good for your brain. One reason is that it takes away stress, because while you are practicing sport you are releasing adrenaline, endorphins and energy. This demonstrates that our brains possess plasticity, that they adapt and create new neural connections.

4. Increases lung capacity: While practicing this exercise our lungs are receiving more air, which helps to prevent respiratory problems. It also impacts our physical resistance, which will allow us to exercise for longer without fatigue, improving our aerobic capacity, while allowing us to withstand the efforts involved in continuing with the exercise.

5. Augments bone density: Rope skipping has been shown to increase bone density. As we said above, skipping with a rope is less damaging than running as the impact is absorbed by both feet.

And while we have talked about some of the many benefits which this exercise brings, we couldn’t finish without warning you of the possible risks skipping has for your knees. Even though the impact or risk is not as high as that which can be experienced when running, it is also important to be careful with your knees and in the case of suffering the slightest discomfort, to give yourself enough rest time to avoid any injury.

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