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The benefits of Aquagym

Samsara Healthy Holidays seriously recommends a lifestyle in which you can quietly combine a good diet, doing sports and continuing with your daily routine.   The summer holidays are also the time of the year when you can try new sports or new forms of exercise like Agua gym.

Agua gym is an in-water type sport for exercising muscles and increasing their resistance.  It is normally done in a swimming pool to music, following class instructions from a qualified instructor.

It is practiced in many holiday hotels or sports centres and it is surprising the number of benefits this sport brings to your health.  In today’s article we highlight some of them.


  1. Calorie burning: Being a cardio sport and moving continually during the exercise ensures that the body performs a complete workout. Depending on the intensity we put into it, weight, the water temperature and other variables, in one single session we can burn between 400 and 500 calories.
  2. Improved flexibility: Being submerged in the water, the body is subject to the pressure of the water.  The need to move in several directions at the same time during aerobic exercises allows our body’s joints to greatly increase their range of motion.
  3. Beneficial for blood pressure: The resistance of the water positively influences the functioning of our blood vessels.  It allows blood flow to circulate more effectively through our body thanks to the water pressure, effectively lowering blood pressure, and in the long term, lowering the resting heart rate.
  4. Promotes mental health: Like many water sports, the relaxing effect of the water and the sensation of lightness we feel is unquestionable.  With this sport, just as in swimming, our body secretes endorphins and pleasure hormones, which promote our sense of well-being after exercising.
  5. Low impact exercise: Another benefit of water exercise is that we sweat much less, and our body doesn’t overheat.   The pool water needs to be tepid, neither very cold, nor very hot, so that we can achieve the best results from our efforts.


This type of water sport is an opportunity to exercise alone or in a group in a very fun and enjoyable way.   Thanks to working out under the conditions of immersion and to the floatation provided by the water, practicing aqua gym gives us all the benefits of a cardio sport, while considerably reducing the risk of any injuries which could happen.

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