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Samsara Healthy Holidays seriously recommends a lifestyle in which you can quietly combine a good diet, doing sports and continuing with your daily routine.  …Read more
5 Tips para cuidarte en verano

Guide for looking after yourself in summer – 5 tips. | 24.07.19

Summer is the season where we spend most of our time outdoors.  Our schedules, our food, our habits, including our free time, differ from the rest of…Read more

Why Mallorca? The secrets this island holds to help your diet be a success | 17.07.19

Could a weight loss plan be implemented anywhere in the world and still achieve a satisfactory outcome? I'm sure it could. However, not all locations have…Read more
5 ejercicios para tonificar los glúteos

5 exercises to tone up your buttocks | 10.07.19

You’ve been keeping fit all year round to stay in shape, doing sports and looking after yourself.  Living a healthy life is important, but you should…Read more
Ejercicio para adelgazar.

6 tips to continue with your routine training, even in the summer | 12.06.19

We know that since the end of Christmas you’ve started “operation bikini” in which sport has been your best ally.  But summer comes, and if you…Read more
Meditación en la Playa. Mallorca. Vacaciones Salusdables.

Do I need to switch off? 8 advantages of having a healthy holiday | 08.05.19

There are times when you feel completely overwhelmed by the stress of everyday living and this eventually creates an imbalance between body and mind. If…Read more