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5 Foods to enhance your mood | 12.07.18

Did you know that certain foods can make us see the glass half full instead of half empty? The secret lies in their make-up as certain characteristics…Read more
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How can help you Pilates/Yoga? | 10.07.18

How can Pilates or yoga help keep me in good shape? Advantages of these exercise disciplines. Although they are two very different practices, yoga and…Read more
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How to survive being on a diet? | 06.07.18

Now that you have made your decision to get rid of a few kilos, so you look and feel better, the only thing left to do now is to make your weight loss…Read more
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Foods beneficial for the skin | 03.07.18

Learning to eat well will not only eliminate the kilos your body doesn't need, but it will also make your body work better. And this is noticeable both…Read more
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How to lower your salt intake and still enjoy your meals | 02.07.18

Sugar is not your health's only enemy. Salt is not among the benefactors of wellness either, and yet we still consume much more than we should. Even though…Read more
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Hiking: exercise while discovering spectacular landscapes | 27.06.18

Taking advantage of your stay in Mallorca and going on healthy excursions is a great way to explore the island and uncover authentic picture postcard scenery.…Read more