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How sport benefits your brain | 16.10.19

Did you know that physical exercise protects your brain as well as providing a stimulator for learning and memory? It has been proven that the benefits…Read more
mindfulness - samsara healthy holidays

Mindfulness for beginners | 02.10.19

We’re sure you’ve heard people talking about mindfulness in recent years. It’s a trend which is spreading fast and today we're going to tell you…Read more
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Best advices for a flat stomach | 27.09.19

Daily life habits have a huge influence on different aspects of our body, inside and outside, more than we can think. That is why having have a flat stomach…Read more
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Tips on how to get back to the routine | 18.09.19

Holidays are beneficial and very necessary for our physical and mental health, but time goes very fast and before we know it, we are back to our daily…Read more
hiking - samsara healthy holidays

Hiking as a lifestyle | 04.09.19

Holidays on the beach are very nice but combining your holiday with various activities and excursions while doing exercise and getting to know the island,…Read more
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Increase your energy with these foods | 03.09.19

Summer is the time of year when we consume more energy than normal.   Whether this is because of the heat, or because we are more active than usual,…Read more