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skipping - samsara healthy holidays

The benefits of rope skipping | 28.08.19

To go out running or cycling to practice sports is fashionable, but in this post we are going to recommend an exercise equally simple, and maybe even more…Read more
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The benefits of Aquagym | 14.08.19

Samsara Healthy Holidays seriously recommends a lifestyle in which you can quietly combine a good diet, doing sports and continuing with your daily routine.  …Read more
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6 Running Tips | 07.08.19

Today we share a series of tips to keep in mind when running. Whether you train regularly or are new to running, here are our recommendations. Check…Read more
Alimentos con hierro - samsara healthy holidays

Foods with iron | 31.07.19

Gastronomy is one of the most important ways to care for your health. This week we look at foods which are rich in iron, one of the most important minerals…Read more
5 Tips para cuidarte en verano - samsara healthy holidays

Guide for looking after yourself in summer – 5 tips. | 24.07.19

Summer is the season where we spend most of our time outdoors.  Our schedules, our food, our habits, including our free time, differ from the rest of…Read more
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Why Mallorca? The secrets this island holds to help your diet be a success | 17.07.19

Could a weight loss plan be implemented anywhere in the world and still achieve a satisfactory outcome? I'm sure it could. However, not all locations have…Read more