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Do I need to switch off? 8 advantages of having a healthy holiday

There are times when you feel completely overwhelmed by the stress of everyday living and this eventually creates an imbalance between body and mind. If you can relate to this statement, now is the time to think about taking a break. But not just any regular getaway, where you’ll end up running around all day, doing all kinds of different things and (yet again) living life at a frantic pace. Take a proper holiday, a real one, and disconnect from the world so you can reconnect with yourself, a healthy holiday.

We recommend a wellness retreat, as it not only encourages you to keep on with (or begin) your diet but also combine it with different activities to improve your overall wellbeing such as: exercise, massages, meditation, yoga, nutritional coaching… It doesn’t sound too bad at all, does it? Well, just wait until you hear about the advantages, and then you can decide:

  1. No organisation required: The only things you will have to think about are the basic functions of day-to-day life. This is because we at Samsara Healthy Holidays provide you with a complete program of activities so that you don’t have to worry about arranging or organising anything.
  2. Healthy eating: Enjoy healthy and delicious food, based on the Mediterranean diet, which will nurture your body from the inside out. This helps to reduce anxiety provoked by the stress of everyday life and puts you on the right healthy path to losing weight.
  3. Long-term benefits: The time you spend at a wellness retreat not only helps you to switch off and unwind, it also helps improve your metabolism and gives you a feeling of lasting inner peace, while helping you develop a healthier lifestyle.
  4. Natural surroundings: Just being in close contact with nature, a stone’s throw from Playa de Muro beach, helps to reduce cortisol production, which is the hormone responsible for stress. Plus, you get to breathe fresh, clean air and escape from the noise and pollution of the city.
  5. Less expensive: They tend to be cheaper than conventional holidays. Also, considering the benefits you gain from the experience, the quality-price ratio is in fact more than reasonable.
  6. People with common goals: You will meet new people who have the same concerns as you, and with whom you will share unforgettable experiences. This will help you feel more at ease during your stay, as you will not be on your own.
  7. Professional help: You will be surrounded and supported by a team of experts who will provide you with the tools and techniques you need to feel good both within yourself, and about yourself.
  8. Find inner peace: During the retreat you will learn how to reach a state of total relaxation thanks to a variety of activities such as meditation, which will help you keep stress levels at bay both during and after the retreat.

All these advantages, as well as many others, make going to a wellness retreat a truly unique gift. A gift from you, to you, because you deserve to have a holiday that allows you to reconnect with yourself, free yourself of obligations, breathe fresh air, enjoy a healthy diet, rest and relax. Don’t put it off until tomorrow, start taking care of yourself today! We’ll be expecting you!


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Coffee and a healthy diet, are they compatible?

I’m sure you’ve often wondered if you can drink coffee when you’re on a diet, whether it’s healthy, if it aids weight loss, or even how much coffee you should drink per day. Today we are going to clear up all these uncertainties and tell you if you can continue to enjoy your dose of morning coffee or if it should be eliminated entirely from the equation. Keep reading!

Coffee is the drink you usually have with breakfast, after a meal or when you meet friends socially. So, it’s no wonder it’s become the second most popular drink in the Western world.

Coffee is beneficial to the body because it provides antioxidants, just like fruit and vegetables, which protect your body from disease and delay cell ageing. Additionally, it is a great source of fibre, so it will also help improve intestinal transit. Rich in magnesium, potassium and pantothenic acid, has no carbohydrates, contains no cholesterol, no saturated fats, no sugar and is low in sodium.

So, can you drink coffee when you’re on a diet? As we’ve always said, anything in excess is harmful, but that doesn’t mean that drinking a cup of coffee every morning has a negative effect on your diet.

Keep in mind that breakfast is the first meal you eat and gives you 25% of your daily energy, which is why it is considered the most important meal of the day. For a low-calorie diet, it’s best to drink black coffee. If you take milk, cream or sugar, the mixture becomes a calorie bomb and can be counterproductive to your diet.

Furthermore, drinking coffee in the morning helps your body, because it accelerates your metabolism and burns accumulated fat. And if you drink green coffee, even better, because it helps avoid the absorption of calories and carbohydrates. Coffee also generates a feeling of satiety, so it helps you not to snack between meals.

You should keep in mind that the best way to lose weight is by maintaining a balanced and healthy diet, combined with daily exercise. Also, you must bear in mind that each person’s metabolism is different. Consequently, a cup of coffee will not have the same effect on one body as it does on another. This stimulating drink can be included in your healthy diet, as long as you drink it in moderation. In which case, don’t worry, you can still enjoy the addictive pleasure of coffee.


If you need help with dieting, download this test. It will help you achieve a much healthier diet:
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Dancing, the fun way to stay in shape

There are so many different ways to stay fit. But, if you don’t like going to the gym, or running isn’t your thing, and you’re looking for a healthy, fun, easy activity, we have the perfect exercise for you. Dancing! It’s great for keeping fit and losing weight. Besides, dancing is not only a healthy and fun activity, it is one of the most complete exercises there is for shaping your figure. So now that you know, put on your dancing shoes and let’s dance!

Don’t worry if you’re not a professional dancer. The best thing about dancing is that regardless of your age or how good you are, you can still enjoy the music and a day of aerobic exercise.  That’s why dancing is one of the best exercises for keeping fit and losing weight without even realising.

Additionally, there is a huge variety of musical styles to choose from. Are you more into traditional dances or do you prefer to give your all on the dance floor to modern beats? No matter what kind of dancing you like, there is a perfect dance for you. Zumba, tango, flamenco, hip hop… there are countless genres that will help you exercise your whole body and stay in shape.


Benefits of dancing

Dancing is very beneficial to your body and mind. Through dancing you improve your body posture, tone your entire body and improve your coordination. Furthermore, when you dance you acquire greater physical flexibility, as most dances require muscles to stretch and extend.

As you dance you exercise different muscles. Repeating these movements allows you to increase muscle strength and endurance. In other words, you will be able to exercise for longer periods without tiring.

One of the great benefits of dancing is that you burn calories without realizing it. Doing half an hour of dancing can burn between 200 and 400 calories, much more than running or swimming. It’s also something you can do in a group. And exercising with other people helps not only your social relationships, but also your emotional well-being.

And, finally, albeit one of the most important. Dancing reduces stress, because when you move to the rhythm of the music, you increase endorphin production, which causes a deep sense of well-being.

Doing exercise to music is much more enjoyable and fun. Bring some rhythm into your life and start moving your bones! It’s time to start dancing!


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5 advantages of the Mediterranean diet

Did you know that in Mallorca we are lucky enough to have one of the healthiest diets in the world? The Mediterranean diet combines products from the land and the sea, ensuring a well-balanced and varied diet. No wonder it has become the most imitated and popular diet on the planet. The secret? Lots of fruit, vegetables, nuts, blue fish and invaluable olive oil.

At Samsara Healthy Holidays we are fully aware of the benefits provided by the Mediterranean diet, which is why it has become the foundation of and basis for our slimming programme. Following a healthy and balanced diet, together with a daily exercise programme, you not only get a healthy body, but also a healthy mind.

The Mediterranean diet allows for a more active and healthier lifestyle than if we consumed other types of more fatty or synthetic foods. It is rich in fibre and low in saturated fat, as it is based on the consumption of grains, fruits, vegetables and legumes, as well as fish and olive oil. Therefore, it is not very surprising that the Mediterranean diet is so good for us.


1.- It prevents against cardiovascular diseases and obesity.

It is recommended that we eat oily fish once or twice a week, and five portions of fruit and vegetables a day. As by doing so, we are not only eating healthy, but also maintaining a well-balanced diet.

In addition to providing you with antioxidants and fibre, these foods help to reduce blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels. And, the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants they contain also help prevent cardiovascular disease.

2.- There is no better ally against diabetes

Being a diet that is low in fat, and rich in carbohydrates and olive oil, blood glucose levels are regulated, and the chances of developing diabetes are reduced.

3.- It improves intestinal transit

Fruits, vegetables and grains are a great source of fibre and facilitate intestinal transit. The Mediterranean diet is perfect for people who suffer from stomach problems and need that extra little bit of help to aid digestion.

4.- It improves memory

As we have said, the Mediterranean diet is not only good for your body, but also for your mind. Many studies have shown that this type of diet improves cognitive function and prevents degenerative diseases.

5.- It aids weight loss

Due to its low fat and sugar content, as well as its high fibre content, the Mediterranean diet is ideal for eliminating those extra pounds.

It is also a great ally when it comes to dieting, as you won’t get tired of eating the same thing all the time. The Mediterranean diet contains a wide variety of healthy ingredients and you will always be able to come up with different dishes.


If you would like to change your eating habits, give the Mediterranean diet a go and it will improve your quality of life. At Samsara we not only give you advice on how to get through a diet, but we also offer a complete weight loss programme that combines physical exercise with the best Mediterranean cuisine. Ready to get started?

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5 exercises for slender and toned thighs

Do you want to show off a pair of pretty legs this summer? Would you like to have firm and toned thighs? Don’t stress, doing a thousand hours in the gym or running a marathon, because toning up your thighs and flaunting gorgeous legs this summer, is possible with the tricks we teach at Samsara Healthy Holidays. Grab a pen.


It is true that fat tends to accumulate in the thighs and that it is often quite difficult to trim this part of the body. But, with a little effort and the right exercises, it is possible to achieve toned and beautiful legs.

It is always better, however, to combine these exercise sessions with some type of sporting activity. Cardiovascular exercises will help you lose weight and stay in shape. Walking, running, cycling or swimming 40 minutes, three times a week, ensures you burn fat and is an extra help in achieving your main goal: slimming down your thighs.

To keep your thighs firm and slender, it is important to bear in mind that you need to work both the outside and inner sides of the thigh. By practicing these exercises, which you can do either at home or in the gym, you will be able to achieve slim, toned legs for sure.

  1. Squats and even more squats. It is the least liked exercise, but it’s the best way to tone your thighs. You can start slowly and gradually increase the intensity. To work on the inner thigh, do the squats with your feet placed slightly apart. For a more dynamic workout, move from side to side as well, instead of just doing the upward/ downward movement. To finish off, hold the position for ten seconds.
  2. Lateral foot lift. Stay on your feet. Raise one of your legs to the side and bend your supporting leg slightly. Alternate between left and right legs. Repeat the exercise ten times, first with one leg and then with the other.
  3. Scissors. Lying on your back on the floor, place your hands under your buttocks. Do scissor movements with your legs, quickly alternating right and left legs. In addition to working your legs, you will give your abdomen muscles a workout too.
  4. Lateral lift from the floor. Lie on your side on the floor with your legs straight and raise one leg to a height of 60 degrees, while keeping the other leg flat on the floor. Lower the leg slowly, keeping it straight, without touching the other leg. Change sides and repeat the exercise with the other leg.
  5. Bounces. Start in a squatting position and place your hands on the ground in front of you. Once you are in a stable position, and keeping one leg bent, stretch the other leg behind you. Bounce gently, interchanging the leg you stretch out behind you. After you have finished, perform the same routine, but this time slide your leg to one side instead of behind you. This exercise will work the inner thighs.


Start doing your routine now for a perfect body this summer. Put these exercises into practice a couple of times a week and this summer you will be flaunting a pair of attractive, perfectly shaped legs.

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Emotional Well-Being: 7 Keys to Happiness

We spend our lives searching for the key to happiness, but I regret to say that there is no magic formula that will make you feel happier or better about yourself. So, stop looking and focus on yourself, because the key to happiness lies within you.

Being happy significantly benefits our emotional well-being and that source of happiness can only be found deep within us. In which case, being happy and cheerful is entirely up to you. Exercising, taking time for yourself, interacting with other people, especially positive people, or listening to music are all good examples of ways to feel better emotionally.

Although there is no magic formula for happiness, we at Samsara would like to offer you some advice on how to focus more on yourself and achieve the emotional well-being you seek:

1.- Practice mindfulness

Meditate and concentrate on the here and now. Discard any negative thoughts that come into your head and keep your mind blank. Learn to connect body and mind and see the positive side of your daily life situations. Do not live in the future, do not worry about things that have not yet happened and live the moment.

2.- Exercise

Exercising regularly makes you feel better about yourself. Not only does it increase your energy levels, but it also reduces stress. This doesn’t mean you have to go to the gym every day and break into a sweat or run a marathon. Practices such as yoga or Pilates help you to feel good physically, and mentally, as they help to improve your mood.

3.- Surround yourself with positive people

Spend time with family and friends, so you’ll never have to regret not having been able to spend time with them because of work or other responsibilities. Your relationships with others are fundamental to your being happy. That is why you should cherish all the people around you and enjoy their company. That said, make sure you surround yourself with positive people who bring a sense of goodness to your life. Happiness is contagious, so steer clear of toxic people who squeeze the joy out of you.

4.- Listen to music

It’ s already been said that music tames wild animals, and not just that, music has a direct effect on our mood and morale. Listening to music provides many psychological benefits, and, moreover, we can control our mood depending on the type of music we listen to.

5.- Get outdoors and enjoy the good weather

The sun is a powerful natural antidepressant. So, get off the sofa and switch off the TV. Go out and enjoy the good weather, you’ll soon see how your mood improves.

6.- Accept yourself as you are

You must accept yourself for who you are, your feelings, your failings and your strengths. We all go through bad times and it’s not good for you to keep your feelings to yourself. Pretending that everything is going well will only frustrate you and make you even more miserable.

7.- Find time for yourself

You must always find a moment during each day to dedicate to yourself. Leave responsibilities to one side, disconnect the phone and think only about yourself. Learn to say no to others and say yes to yourself. Spend time either doing something you love or enjoy or try some new activities.


You are already holding the key to happiness, because happiness is inside you. You just have to learn to enjoy living in the moment and boost your well-being.


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Food trends. Healthy holidays. Ice Cream.

Healthy foods that will set the trend in 2019

Whether you have recently decided to start eating healthy or are already doing so, this article on which healthy foods will trend in 2019 will interest you.

In 2018 we talked about chia, quinoa and the great benefits of avocado, while this year the trend will be to explore the flavours of the Pacific, include healthy fats in our diet and eat all the ice cream we want without any remorse, because it is healthy! Ready? Then take note, because we are about to reveal the latest in healthy food.


  • Dare to experience the flavours of the Pacific

If you are one of those people who likes to try new things and eats everything, congratulations! Because this year, the trend is to experiment with flavours from the Pacific.

Dried shrimp, Philippine pork sausage or exotic fruits such as guava, mango or passion fruit will star in recipes this 2019. You’ll also hear about yaca, a fruit that acts as a substitute for meat and is used in many vegan dishes such as pulled pork. Or “monk’s fruit ” which is used as a sweetener.

Say goodbye to everyday tastes. Be daring and introduce these new products into your daily life and take a break from always eating the same old thing.

  •  Probiotics

Probiotic products have been in fashion for a couple of years now and everything suggests that they will continue to be popular in 2019.

Yoghurt, granola, oatmeal, energy bars or nut butter are products rich in probiotics. In other words, they help our intestinal flora to function better. In addition, they improve the absorption of nutrients and are essential for keeping the immune system in shape. That’s why they should be part of your diet.

  •  Healthy fats

Yes, even if it sounds unbelievable, there are good fats. Coconut butter, ghee (a typical Indian butter) or vegan coffee drinks are fats that complement our diet. So, lose your fear of fats and introduce them into your daily meals, as they will help your body function properly.

If you don’t know how to differentiate between good and bad fats, we invite you to read our article explaining the differences.

  • Healthy ice cream

This is the best news we could ever get. We’re going to be able to eat as much ice cream as we want all summer without worrying about the extra pounds! How is that possible? Because the latest in healthy food is vegan ice cream, much healthier than traditional ice cream, made from avocado, tahini, coconut water or hummus. Slightly strange flavours, but we are sure they taste glorious.

  • Seaweed

If you still haven’t dared to add algae to your diet, this is the year to do so, because seaweed will continue to trend during 2019. We’ll also find new types of algae and recipes such as seaweed butter or noodles.

Seaweed is considered the fifth flavour in the kitchen after salty, sweet, sour and bitter. Furthermore, it has many health benefits.


Are you willing to try these new products in your diet? You know what they say, adapt or perish! The important thing is to try new things and add different products to your diet, so you don’t get bored.


However, if you prefer more traditional cuisine, don’t miss the chance to try Mallorca’s tasty local products during your next Samsara Healthy Holidays:
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1st resolution for 2019: Join the Gym. Everything you need to know to achieve your goals.

Did you start 2019 with the words: “this year I’m joining the gym”, but still haven’t got around to it? Get off the sofa, put on your sneakers and embrace your new healthy lifestyle. It’s time to get on with it and stop being lazy. Your time for healthy living has just begun.

I know what you’re thinking, “Do I really have to leave the house when it’s so cold outside? “It’s embarrassing to be seen exercising”. It’s natural at first to feel we can’t be bothered to leave the house to go into a room with strangers and work up a sweat. But we’ve all felt the same way and got over it. You’ll soon realise, after a few days, that everyone in the gym is getting on with their own thing and not looking at what the person next to them is doing.

But just signing up for the gym isn’t enough. It’s time to realise that a change is needed and that it is time to do something about it. As we’ve already explained in this article, exercising is essential for a healthy life. So, no more being lazy! Attitude is paramount to achieving your goals. Facing new challenges with enthusiasm and determination will make it easier for you to overcome them. Don’t be afraid of new experiences and get ready for your new healthy lifestyle.

It is also very important to set yourself goals; lose weight, get fit, strengthen your legs or arms or simply have a healthier lifestyle. That way, each time you conquer a different stage, the training will be more enjoyable. It won’t feel like you’re exercising just for the sake of it. It is also a way to not get bored and stick to your goals. The important thing is to visualize your end goal so that you can work hard towards achieving it.

Gradually, and steadily, you will start to notice the progress you are making. Plus, you’ll not only benefit physically, but also mentally. Daily exercise helps to release tension and clear your mind. And there will come a time when you suddenly realize that going to the gym is no longer a chore for you, but a necessity.

Going to the gym also gives you the option of exercising with others, which is less cumbersome than exercising alone. Not only is it less boring, but time passes much faster.

If you go to the gym with a friend, you will always feel “obliged” to not let the other person down, and this will make it easier to stick to your exercise schedule. Furthermore, there are always instructors at the gym, and other people training, who can help and encourage you to reach your goals. At the end of the day, your success is their success.

We don’t realise how many hours we spend sitting or not moving properly. Between daily responsibilities and modern technology, we have become more sedentary. That’s why it’s time to make a lifestyle change. And a good way to start is by joining, and going to, the gym.

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Misconceptions about food

Believe it or not, many people still believe that the different myths told about some foods, are true. It is even possible that you, inadvertently, also think that a couple of these falsehoods are true.

Food is as much biologically significant as it is culturally significant, which is why it has aroused considerable interest throughout history. This attention, in conjunction with a certain ignorance, has fostered the spread of numerous nutritional misconceptions and mistakes, which have unjustly led to a change in the behaviour and eating habits of numerous people.

These beliefs and opinions have spread throughout our society, either by word of mouth or by the type of advertising to which we are subjected.

As a result, countless foods have been attributed with false characteristics and properties. Nowadays, however, and thanks to scientific advances, such beliefs can be overcome by means of the opinions and advice given by genuine nutrition and health specialists.

First of all, drinking water during meals does not make you gain weight. Water is a calorie-free nutrient which means that it does not make you put on, nor lose, weight whether consumed before, during or after meals.  Additionally, water is an important source of minerals and vital for keeping us properly hydrated.

Quickly, or it will lose its vitamin content! This is how an entire generation has grown up, believing that if we didn’t drink our freshly squeezed juice straight away, the vitamins would disappear. But according to several studies, the vitamins are perfectly preserved in the juice for up to 12 hours, although the juice may take on a bitter taste.

There is no such thing as zero calories. All foods provide calories, so there’s no food that will make you lose weight. Even vegetables and fresh fruit contain calories. The trick is to find the balance between your calorie intake and your calorie output.

Bread is fattening… and bread crumbs are even more so. Here we have another lie that for sure many of you have heard and believed. Well, let’s see, bread does not contain many calories and it is also low in fat. Rich in carbohydrates and a staple ingredient in the Mediterranean diet. Another fictitious myth regarding the consumption of bread is the one that states that the crumbs are even more fattening. This information is wrong, they are both the same product. What happens is that the crust, when baked, dehydrates while the interior part (the breadcrumbs) conserves more water, making it look fluffy.

Brown sugar is healthier than white sugar. It can be said that the composition of both is almost identical, with only the slightest difference being that brown sugar is coated with molasses. Furthermore, both provide very similar nutritional values, as each 100 grams of brown sugar is equivalent to 377 kcal, and white sugar is 387 kcal, ridiculous considering the small amounts involved. Even so, we must not forget that whether using one or the other, the amount taken must be controlled to keep your diet healthy.

Lastly, there is a belief that eating meat is not necessary for the development and maintenance of the human body. While this may be partly true, meat is still the primary source of nutrients, which can only be found in animals, and removing it from our diet increases the risk of certain nutritional deficiencies. Vegetable proteins are no better or worse than the ones contained in livestock, although the latter contain a larger number of essential amino acids. That’s why it is best to alternate the consumption of both.


Do these statements sound familiar? Heard them mentioned many times? Although we’ve spent all our lives hearing these claims, they have been made without foundation and are consequently false. So, don’t be afraid to include some of these foods or habits in your diet as you will still be able to maintain a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

Panettone. Food. Recipe. Mallorca. Samsara.

Recipe: Healthy Panettone

Would you like nothing more than to savour some of the desserts this holiday season has to offer, but are on a diet or can’t eat sugar? At Samsara we help you turn high-calorie goodies into healthier recipes, so you can still enjoy eating the things you love this Christmas.

At this time of year, we are afraid of putting on weight because there are so many high-calorie treats which can tempt us away from our healthy diet. However, not everything has to add on extra pounds this Christmas.

Remember that taking care of yourself does not mean depriving yourself of those things you love. But it is important that you try to moderate eating desserts that contain a lot of sugar, because if you are watching your figure, sugar won’t do you any favours.

This Christmas we unveil a magical recipe for a healthy, homemade panettone, which is not only delicious, but also very easy to prepare. Share this delicious dessert at family gatherings while looking after your figure and those of your loved ones.



  • 100g Flavoured Oatmeal/Natural Almond Flour (Gluten-Free)
  • 7 egg whites
  • 1 whole egg
  • 10g Vanilla essence
  • 10-15g powdered Stevia
  • 80g Unsweetened dried fruit
  • 10g Baking powder
  • 10g Baking soda
  • 5g Coconut oil



  1. Place all the ingredients in the blender except for the dried fruit and coconut oil.
  2. Mix the ingredients together well until you get a homogeneous dough.
  3. When the dough is ready, add the dried fruit and stir gently until spread evenly throughout the dough.
  4. Grease a panettone mould, or the mould you want to use, with coconut oil.
  5. Pour the dough into the mould and place in the oven at 175ºC for 30 minutes.
  6. Check the inside often by piercing it with a toothpick. When the toothpick comes out clean, it is baked through.
  7. Once ready, wait for it to cool before serving.


Enjoy our healthy recipes for this holiday season and share the joy of Christmas with your loved ones.


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