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Coffee and a healthy diet, are they compatible?

I’m sure you’ve often wondered if you can drink coffee when you’re on a diet, whether it’s healthy, if it aids weight loss, or even how much coffee you should drink per day. Today we are going to clear up all these uncertainties and tell you if you can continue to enjoy your dose of morning coffee or if it should be eliminated entirely from the equation. Keep reading!

Coffee is the drink you usually have with breakfast, after a meal or when you meet friends socially. So, it’s no wonder it’s become the second most popular drink in the Western world.

Coffee is beneficial to the body because it provides antioxidants, just like fruit and vegetables, which protect your body from disease and delay cell ageing. Additionally, it is a great source of fibre, so it will also help improve intestinal transit. Rich in magnesium, potassium and pantothenic acid, has no carbohydrates, contains no cholesterol, no saturated fats, no sugar and is low in sodium.

So, can you drink coffee when you’re on a diet? As we’ve always said, anything in excess is harmful, but that doesn’t mean that drinking a cup of coffee every morning has a negative effect on your diet.

Keep in mind that breakfast is the first meal you eat and gives you 25% of your daily energy, which is why it is considered the most important meal of the day. For a low-calorie diet, it’s best to drink black coffee. If you take milk, cream or sugar, the mixture becomes a calorie bomb and can be counterproductive to your diet.

Furthermore, drinking coffee in the morning helps your body, because it accelerates your metabolism and burns accumulated fat. And if you drink green coffee, even better, because it helps avoid the absorption of calories and carbohydrates. Coffee also generates a feeling of satiety, so it helps you not to snack between meals.

You should keep in mind that the best way to lose weight is by maintaining a balanced and healthy diet, combined with daily exercise. Also, you must bear in mind that each person’s metabolism is different. Consequently, a cup of coffee will not have the same effect on one body as it does on another. This stimulating drink can be included in your healthy diet, as long as you drink it in moderation. In which case, don’t worry, you can still enjoy the addictive pleasure of coffee.


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