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Best advices for a flat stomach

Daily life habits have a huge influence on different aspects of our body, inside and outside, more than we can think. That is why having have a flat stomach is not an easy task. You can do thousands and thousands of crunches, planks, obliques or isometric exercises without getting rid of the fat around your belly or the bloating sensation.

If this is your case you should take in consideration that food, proper rest, exercise routine and lifestyle play a huge part. Adjusting some small changes, you can have that flat stomach you desire so much.

Food habits
Once again food is the key element and several factors can affect this matter, because it’s not only about what you eat but also how you eat. If you want a flat stomach you need to start eating more fruits and vegetables apart from limiting the amount of french fries, sauces, breaded foods or “bar tapas”. We recommend you start including in your diet foods that are rich in probiotics and prebiotics, they favor the intestinal flora and can help you lose your belly fat. Include also yogurt, onion and artichokes.

Truth be told, it is hard indeed to fight the “gluttony war” but you must listen to your stomach and not your mind. While it’s recommended that you eat whenever you are hungry, having small dishes and quantities of food, will make you feel satiated.

Do not focus only on doing crunches, it’s one of the biggest mistakes in your battle against belly fat. Combine your exercise routine with aerobics ones. Cardiovascular exercises will help you flatten your stomach and if you combine them with strength ones, the improvement will be much bigger. We recommend as good aerobic exercises either cycling, swimming or running, from three to five times a week.

Drink water
The benefits of water are multiple and its proven that drinking two liters of water daily, prevents fluid retention. It also helps digestion, prevents constipation and its satiating effect can help you to eat less, lose weight and feel better.
Ignore sodas and beer, because all that gas will swell your stomach up. In exchange, try having soft drinks and say farewell to your bloated stomach.

Rest properly
It’s important to enjoy moments of rest and relaxation. Lack of sleep and stress can be as harmful for you as bad food or the lack of exercise. Meditation is what we recommend to fully disconnect from the daily routine in order to have a calm moment with yourself.

Be committed
It’s probably the key factor in achieving your goals. In order to feel good with yourself you must be committed to your routine and food habits all the time. That is why we insist in these final thoughts regarding lifestyle and healthy habits, you have to be committed on a daily basis. So be strong and when you will achieve your goals your satisfaction will be huge.

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