Differences between losing fat and losing weight.

Today, in our blog, we are going to talk about the difference between losing body fat and losing weight.

Many people talk about losing weight or losing fat as the same thing. But in reality, they are very different things.

Our body is a collection of muscles, organs, bones, fat and water. So, when we talk about losing weight we must refer to losing fat, since losing muscle mass or even bone density can be dangerous for our health.

Variants of our body.

Surely you have weighed yourself at different times of the day and seen how your weight varies.

The factors of these variations can be mixture of: the time of day, if we weigh ourselves before or after eating, the type of food we eat, if we drink a lot of water, if we go to the bathroom regularly, if we do exercise, our hormones, etc.

We also cannot forget the other important factors such as age, sex, physical condition, habits and diet.

For this same reason, we shouldn’t let ourselves get carried away with what the scales tell us. We must have control, but not obsession.

What do we do wrong?

One of the things that can really help us burn fat is knowing what we are doing wrong: bad diet, lack of exercise, lack of sleep, excessive stress, anxiety or taking medication.

When we recognise what it is, we can act.

But wait a minute…

Before we go on a diet or join the gym, we need to stop and think about other small things we can change first. These can be simple things like stop using the lift and take the stairs; or ditching the mid-morning croissant and replacing it with a piece of fruit.

And we must also clarify that losing fat does not mean stopping eating it. Fats are essential for the functionality of our body, but we have to differentiate between bad fats (saturated fats, cakes, fast food) and good fats (nuts, avocadoes, extra virgin olive oil, fish)

How much exercise do you do?

Another activity that can help you lose fat is exercise.

If you follow an exercise program the results probably won’t be immediate but after a few weeks you should notice your agility improve and more importantly, your mood should get better.

Also remember if you exercise you increase your muscle mass, so you may find that your weight doesn’t go down but it stays the same or even could go up. Muscle weighs more than fat.

Effective exercises to lose fat.

Below, we leave you with some compound exercises that require you to use several muscles at the same time, producing a higher caloric gastro.

– Burpees. They are a set of optimal movements that help you gain strength and lose fat at the same time.

– Squats. These movements work the power of the lower body and contribute to the rapid burning of fat.

– Push ups. Exercise that we all know and that work the upper part of our body.

– Mountain Climbers. Or also known as the “climber’s movement”. Exercise that tests all parts of the body and, above all, one’s resistance.

Once again, remember the scales don’t always have the answers, what’s more important is how we feel. Don’t pay attention to diets which we believe can give us a miracle. Instead, simply lead a healthy lifestyle including both diet and exercise.

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