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Hiking as a lifestyle

Holidays on the beach are very nice but combining your holiday with various activities and excursions while doing exercise and getting to know the island, is priceless.  Mallorca is the ideal place to practice any sport in the open air, but in this post we want to focus on hiking, one of the activities recommended by Samsara Healthy Holidays.  Today we are sharing with you why you should start practicing this complete sport.

Before beginning, we should mention that this is not a competitive sport, and that it is often done in groups, or if you prefer, alone.   It is an activity in which you come into contact with nature, you get to know yourself and you can set your own limits.  It is because of this, that its benefits can also be felt psychologically, as we will see below.

Despite being a sport that doesn’t require a lot of effort, one of its qualities is that we can get into shape while doing it.  It improves our endurance, our fitness and with time, our lung capacity.  Being an aerobic sport, it is also very helpful for losing weight, given that we will be exerting physical effort over prolonged time, which will burn a lot of calories.   While hiking over uneven ground, we are exercising muscles and joints which we rarely use in our daily life, thus benefiting our blood flow.  Finally, we can say that thanks to this being an outdoor sport and being in such a clean environment, we are breathing fresh for hours.  This helps to prevent many respiratory illnesses, while the quality of the air away from the pollution of our cities makes our lungs feel so much better.

As we mentioned before, the benefits are not only physical, but we can also name some psychological benefits.   Practising this sport helps to implement some aspects that we don’t usually contemplate, such as the memory, planning or the ability to react to unforeseen events are being exercised. By being in contact with nature and away from civilisation and its problems, we can, not only think of ourselves but also think introspectively as we walk, which serves as an escape hatch from our daily preoccupations.   As we get to know ourselves better, we will gain confidence in ourselves which will result in better daily performance.  Also worth noting that all exercises produce an increase in the production of endorphins, which is the substance in our brain which has to do with mood,  pleasure and being able to fall asleep, so if we practice hiking we are creating a substance so beneficial for combating stress and depression.

For these reasons and many more, we recommend hiking.  Think of your physical and mental health, put on some hiking shoes and get to know the most beautiful and natural places on our island.

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