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Hiking: exercise while discovering spectacular landscapes

Taking advantage of your stay in Mallorca and going on healthy excursions is a great way to explore the island and uncover authentic picture postcard scenery. Additionally, if you decide to do this through hiking and give your body a bit of exercise by taking part in this very healthy sport, even better. Walking at a good steady pace is a perfect aerobic exercise for losing some weight if you are looking to shed a few kilos.

However, it is not the only benefit this sport, which doctors consider better for your health than running as it causes less wear and tear and has a lower risk of injury, brings. This was determined by a study published in Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis and Vascular Biology, which calculated the benefit of walking over running. It explains that when the same energy is spent, running reduces the risk of high blood pressure by 4.2% while walking reduces it by 7.2%. And in terms of its effects on cholesterol levels, it is also more effective, as while running can reduce cholesterol by up to 4.3%, hiking briskly can reduce it by up to 7%. These are some of the reasons why this sport allows us to maintain a healthy weight, in addition to preventing and even treating various cardiovascular diseases, as well as high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes. Furthermore, it also strengthens bones and improves both balance and coordination.

However, to reap all these benefits, we can’t just do it however we like. Conditions must be met:

  • Frequency: the more often, the better, specialists advise. A good routine to follow, if we have time, is three times a week.
  • Time: each session should be at least 40 or 45 minutes long for your body to fully take advantage of the benefits. This point is easily achieved on any route in Mallorca, as most them last at least that long.
  • Intensity: how fast we walk while hiking is crucial, since too slow a pace does not generate the same benefits as walking briskly. We should walk at a speed which is approximately 60 percent of our maximum pulse rate, which interprets into an agile yet comfortable rhythm, so we don’t overexert and are able to breathe normally.

As for which direction to take, the good news is you can´t really go wrong, as almost every route will take you to fabulous spots. If you would like some ideas, you will find some very interesting suggestions on this page as well as on this one.

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