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Start the year with the best exercises routine

Going back to your exercises routine after Christmas can really be tough. Here we give you some advices on how to start the year on the right foot.

First of all, it might seem obvious but going back to your exercise routine after Christmas is very necessary. A few days for disconnecting are fine, but we should not exceed , specially if we have purposes and objectives to meet this new year.

Little by little

Do not intend to resume the exercise routine by doing the same sessions you did before holidays. The best thing for our body is to start slowly at the beginning. This way, we will avoid injuries and/or general hassles. Start progressively and challenge yourself little by little.


New Year New Life! Take the opportunity to make your routine more fun. Try new exercises, new routines or go to classes you’ve never been to …

Define a schedule

When we set a schedule for our exercises routine, it is much more likely to complete it; if we can’t find a spot in our agenda for sport, we will surely postpone it, specially if we lost the habit of doing it on a daily basis.

Exercise routine

Warm up

Go for a 10-15 minute run on site, alternating knee lifts to the chest and heels to the bottom. You can rest by alternating these exercises for a few seconds while continuing to march in place.

Exercise routine

Ideally, do 3 sets of 12 repetitions for each one and if it is too much, start by doing just 12 repetitions. Do not rest between them for more than 2 minutes.

  1. Push-ups: separate the hands to the width of the shoulders and make sure they are aligned with them. If it is too difficult, you can place your knees on the floor.
  2. Squats: if you are a beginner you can do it with the help of a chair in front of you. The feet should be separated from the width of the hip and we should lower the bottom, make sure the knees do not pass from the tip of the foot. If you already have experience you can do this exercise with a bar or other weights, make sure to hold it in front of your chest.
  3. Triceps dips: with the help of a chair or a bench, place your hands on top and separate your feet while lowering your hips, flex your elbows and bring them back. If you already have experience with this exercise, place your feet on another bench of the same height.
  4. Strides alternating legs: remember, the flexed knee should not pass the tip of the foot.
  5. Lateral elevations of arms: using weights in both hands, like water bottles, dumbbells, sandbags, stones or flour packages, elevate the arms but do not exceed the shoulders.
  6. Biceps curl alternating arms: also using weights, like the previous exercise, flex your elbows and bring your arm, one at the time, towards your shoulder.
  7. Bicycle (abdominal): lying on the ground, lift the torso without forcing the neck and try to simultaneously join the elbow with the opposite knee, simulating a constant pedaling movement with the legs.
  8. The table: place your forearms on the floor and make sure the tips of your feet are supported, contract the abdomen isometrically to keep the body in a straight line for approximately 20 seconds.
  9. Horizontal rowing: with weights in both hands and your torso forward, raise both hands simultaneously.
  10. Jump rope: at your own pace and as many times as you can.
  11. Stretching: it is important to spend 10-15 minutes to stretch and avoid stiffness.

The idea is to work, little by little, and to finally incorporate aerobic exercises and a good intensity in order to burn fat.


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