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Take care of your mind as well by means of relaxation exercises

Anxiety is one of our worst enemies: when it materialises, we usually give in to our impulses and allow ourselves to engage in what we had set out not to do. For example, opening the refrigerator in search of any indulgence that we know deep down won´t benefit our health. However, if you deal with anxiety by using relaxation exercises which make you feel good, you’ll win that battle, for the mind plays as important a role as the body when it comes to losing a few kilos.

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And how do you keep anxiety from showing up? The Mallorca setting, with its beaches and natural surroundings, is a great help. Nonetheless you can also do these exercises to help you disconnect even more.


  1. Get set to meditate. Meditation is a good way to relax the mind. According to the Johns Hopkins Medicine Centre, around 30 minutes of meditation a day can reduce anxiety symptoms. That’s why this exercise is a great way to take care of your mind during your wellbeing retreat. Just find a quiet place and create a soothing atmosphere – you can dim the lights and put on some background music if it helps you relax. Now, sit on the floor with your back straight and your legs crossed breathing deeply and keeping your shoulders and arms relaxed. With your eyes open, choose a spot in front of you and fix your gaze on it. Ideally, even if different thoughts cross your mind, push them to one side. You are then ready to create positive images of yourself, visualizing yourself as you would like to be. Lastly, close your eyes and keep them closed for as long as needed, listening only to the sound of your breathing.


  1. Abdominal breathing. When in search of the equilibrium and serenity you need, you can also turn to abdominal breathing. To perform this exercise, you need to sit in a chair and rest a book on your stomach to better observe your breathing pace. Then, start to accelerate your rate of breathing, but very gradually. Your chest should remain still, only your diaphragm should move. After a brief pause, repeat the exercise as many times as you consider necessary. The objective is to relax our abdominals, so our breathing becomes deeper, hence increasing the concentration of oxygen in our blood.


  1. Muscle relaxation. Muscle relaxation is also good practice for attaining a relaxed mind and good level of well-being, especially if we purposefully focus on our breathing, during the exercise, inhaling and exhaling. To relax the neck muscles, where muscle stress tends to accumulate, slowly turn your head counter clockwise, making small circles with your neck. Then, let your head fall to the right and with the help of your right hand, push gently on the side of your head so it lowers towards your shoulder a little further, but never forcing it. Hold this posture for five seconds and then repeat on the left side.


  1. Breathing and exercise. Standing with your feet parallel and hip width apart, back straight and shoulders relaxed, inhale deeply while raising your arms without bending them, from your side to over your head. Then, exhale while lowering your arms to shoulder level. Repeat the exercise ten times, lowering your arms completely on the last exhalation.


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