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Do you want to join the running trend?

Are you still having second thoughts about putting on your running shoes and hitting the road? That might be because you don’t know the benefits of running and how they can impact your body and mind in a positive way. Test yourself and and go for a run at the Serra de Tramuntana or enjoy the sunshine while exercising near the sea. At the same time running is not just to disconnect or losing weight. Takes notes because today on Samsara Healthy Holidays we bring you all the advantages of running.

Do you feel envious when you see photos on social media of healthy people with toned bodies? Join the runner club and you will also get a healthy body! Start small, at your own pace and discover the benefits of running.

Healthier and toned body
Running is an aerobic exercise that not only strengthens bones, prevents injuries and strengthens muscles, it also keeps your cardiovascular system fit. The heart of a runner is stronger than that of a sedentary person, because it is used to functioning constantly.

And, although it has often been said that running is not good for the knees, because all of the impact of the tread, runners, who go out to run frequently, reinforce this area and have less chances of being injured in comparison with more sedentary people.

As soon as you start running, you will see how your body acquires greater resistance and becomes more agile and flexible.

In addition, running makes your body t to burn more fat. If you combine it with a training plan and a healthy diet you will soon get healthy and that toned body you desire so much. Start slowly and increase the pace little by little, if you run three times a week, you will immediately start seeing improvements.

Lower your stress
Going for a daily run is one of the best therapies and it is also free! Running will help you disconnect from all the tensions and responsibilities of your everyday life. So find the time out of your busy schedule and go for an  outdoor run.

Runners often experience a feeling of happiness after exercising and that helps them to feel good about themselves. This is due to the endorphins that your brain releases which makes you relax. You will feel how the calmness and the well-being spreads to your entire body.

In addition, when you go for a jog or any other type of exercises, you tire your body and reduce its stress levels and therefore, you will get a better and longer sleep. We can say that physical exercise gives you a better rest.

Running in Mallorca
Our island has everything you need for you to exercise. Moreover, you can choose a different scenario for your everyday run. Which option do you prefer, sea or mountain? Do you fancy the sea breeze and the sun or do you prefer the asphalt and the road?

You can start in a flatter area, such as the promenade of Alcúdia and increase your resistance level depending on where you chose to run. Dare to run down the mountain and introduce inclination to your jog. Discover areas you didn’t know about Palma and run through its cobbled streets.

You choose! Are you ready? Sneakers? Put them on! Mind? Out! Body? Ready! Start running today and experience that unique feeling of happiness after a run.

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