Why Mallorca? The secrets this island holds to help your diet be a success

Could a weight loss plan be implemented anywhere in the world and still achieve a satisfactory outcome? I’m sure it could. However, not all locations have characteristics which help achieve the best results. Depending on the climate, the lifestyle of those who live there, and the opportunities offered by the environment, following a healthy diet and getting positive results will be relatively simple.

One of the perfect places to lose weight is Mallorca, which has the ideal conditions to make following up on your weight loss plan much easier. That’s why the island functions as another component in the equation, the result of which being to reach your target weight. These ideal conditions are summed up in that everything around you on this dream island, offers you the opportunities to take care of yourself.

– Mallorca has an average of 300 days of sunshine a year. This not only means you will enjoy the wonderful Balearic sunlight during your stay, but also, as there is not much rain, you can take part in more outdoor activities, which in turn are a great way to lose weight.

– Gentle temperatures. The average annual temperature on the island is around 18 degrees, the perfect weather for keeping active. Excessive heat eventually forces us to seek refuge indoors with air conditioning, and if it’s too cold we don’t feel like being outdoors either. On the other hand, a temperature around 18 degrees is idyllic for being active.

– Most beaches have a blue flag. 32 of the 45 blue flags awarded last year to the Balearic Islands by the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) are in Mallorca, a privilege allowing you to disconnect, totally relax and be in a good mood. The latter is always an ally of healthy eating, so it doesn’t hurt to have it on your side.

– A perfect coastline for water sports. Some of the most beautiful coves and sandy beaches in the Mediterranean can be found along Majorca’s 550 kilometres of coastline. Additionally, the sea is ideal for doing water sports such as Stand Up Paddle, windsurfing, canoeing, jet skiing, diving, …

– The queen of rest. When you relax, your mind can completely switch off, aiding improved sleep, which is crucial when it comes to shedding the kilos we want to lose. During the night the body uses energy, so 7-9 hours of sleep is recommended. If we don’t get enough sleep, the hormones involved in appetite regulation – leptin and ghrelin – become unbalanced. Mallorca provides the perfect setting to achieve this state of relaxation, permitting good quality sleep. Moreover, being close to the sea decreases blood pressure, which also influences our sleeping better.

– An active island. Another element characteristic of Mallorca is its culture. Festivals, concerts, exhibitions and many other events you can enjoy are organized throughout the year, and that vitality is beneficial as it keeps you active, helping you achieve your desired weight loss more easily.

– The perfect lifestyle. The lifestyle on the island also inspires you if you are taking care of yourself because healthy eating and frequent exercise are part of daily life for those who live in Mallorca. Looking after yourself to be able to enjoy your surroundings more is a saying that is fulfilled here effortlessly.

If you are fan of trekking, here are 5 hiking trails for you to enjoy the nature in Mallorca.

Another reason why Mallorca is the perfect spot for weight loss is the variety of healthy local products. Download our e-book so you can learn more about them.

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